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Dear visitors, receiving orders for Christmas Cookies for Christmas 2016 is currently running. Choose from our offer and then you can make your order through contacts.

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Delivery dates

For this year we have chosen two delivery dates for Prague - December, 19th or 20th. More details about other regions you can find here.

Christmas Honeycake

Vánoční medovník Do you want to savor this fabulous dessert even during the Christmas - then see our special offer.

Bezlepkové dobroty

Bezlepkový makový řez s drobenkou
Vážení zákazníci,
připravili jsme pro Vás bezlepkové dobroty, které jsou pečeny buď ze samokypřící, rýžové nebo kukuřičné mouky. Používáme i bezlepkový kypřící prášek tak, aby bezlepkové bylo opravdu bezlepkové. Více informací o výrobcích najdete v sekci bezlepkové.

About Us

Let us welcome you to ROSARIA.CZ site where you can see the variety of goods that we produce.

We are dedicated to baking Christmas cookies, Honey Cake, and especially Wedding Pies and Wedding Sweets. Wedding pies are baked on the occasion of fairs, sweets is suitable also for various celebrations.


All products are prepared by hand and from high quality ingredients and by inherited, time-proven recipes.

We hope our products address. You won't regret if you make order with us and be sure you'll enjoy it. We dare say without any exaggeration that you will certainly join our regular and satisfied customers.

We wish you bon appetit!


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All important details for making orders to be found in this section.

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Doesn't depend on what the recipe exactly is but what is the love with which you compound it together.


Dear visitors, we are searching for the sources of quality walnuts.
In case you are able to offer some nuts from your trees please contact us here.
Thank you.